BLOCKO-AERGO signs MOU with Korean Broadcasting Association (KBA) for Construction of Blockchain-based Viewer Participation Service ‘PIKKLE’
  • An app-based voting service to replace existing text and cold calling voting services.
  • Providing a solution to concerns regarding the trustworthiness of voting results and blockchain performance problems through use of a hybrid blockchain.

Blockchain specialized technology company BLOCKO (CEO Won-beom Kim) announced on the 23rd that it has signed an agreement with the AERGO Foundation and Korean Broadcasting Association for the construction of viewer participation service ‘PIKKLE’.

Blockchain-based voting and registration service PIKKLE guarantees transparent and trustworthy results by saving core data generated during the voting process on the blockchain. Users can participate in the voting process by simply scanning a QR code using the PIKKLE app and transparently view all results. The app’s identity verification service, which eliminates the need for a physical ticket, also enables quicker and easier entry into cultural events and festivals.

BLOCKO’s CEO Won-beom Kim said, “PIKKLE will be officially released in July, and in co-operation with the Korean Broadcasting Association, we will increase the credibility of various viewer participation ecosystems, including voting and participation in events hosted by broadcasting programs, by using AERGO as a foundation. Although we are focused on voting right now, we are preparing to deploy various blockchain services such as NFT and content STO.”

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