Introduction to
DTT Alliance

DTT(Decentralized Trusted Timestamping) refers to a distributed ‘Time-Stamping Authority’ to provide integrity and trust to digital documents or e-documents. The members of DTT Alliance can ensure originality in any digital documents(or data) with the trusted timestamping history recorded on a distributed ledger. The main goal of DTT Alliance is to provide a solution through which any data can be shared and verified anywhere, anytime with no single point of failure–and no third-party intervention.

DTT Alliance

DTT Alliance will be a fundamental cornerstone to overcome regulatory hurdles and technical limitations. With the reform of the Law on digital signature and public certificate in Korea, the members of DTT Alliance will be able to issue their own TSA information through the consortium blockchain, without a Trusted Third Party(TTP).

Reasonable Pricing

50 to 100 times less expensive than a certified e-document authorities

Higher Security Standards

various technical options to offer better security


decentralized TSA with no room for human errors

DTT Alliance

DTT Alliance utilizes consortium blockchain based on a high-performance and high-quality consensus algorithm to support nation-wide projects.


For more information, please contact us at dtt@blocko.io