About Us

Introduction to

BLOCKO is a blockchain specialized technology company that has experienced and achieved the largest amount of business cases in South Korea.

By launching AERGO mainnet in 2018, we will develop a blockchain solution that will help enterprises and the public to utilize the blockchain to a various extent. Blockchain is an infrastructure. Blockchain is composed of multiple technologies and the application and implementation of blockchain to the real world is not an easy task.
Despite the fact that many people recognize the possibilities of blockchain, there is hesitation and difficulty in introducing this technology. BLOCKO provides a highly reliable blockchain platform by leveraging the technologies and the vast experience the company has gained over the years. Our technologies and bright future prospects are being recognized not only in the domestic market, but also in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the United States.

The Business Philosophy of BLOCKO

BLOCKO was founded by database specialists who sought for technology that could potentially overcome the limitations they recognized in the existing database solutions. Instead of following the ‘crypto boom’ which depends solely on the market flow, BLOCKO has steadily developed its technology and experience. By focusing on what we are good at while confronting and resolving the problems of the existing market through failures, we are sharing our knowledge and experience to promote the development of the blockchain.

The People of BLOCKO

Employees of BLOCKO call each other as Blockians. More than 70 percent of Blockians are professional blockchain(or relational database) developers and engineers.

Our History

Founded in 2014, BLOCKO provides blockchain platforms that are designed optimally for enterprise use. We maintain to have an unrivaled share in the domestic blockchain platform market for enterprise use.



Establishment of BLOCKO in December
Launch of ‘Watch’, the first blockchain search engine in South Korea.


MVP & PoCs

Launch of COINSTACK 1.0, a blockchain platform for enterprise use.
Upgrade to COINSTACK 2.0



Launch of COINSTACK OpenKeyChain, an authentication solution.
Launch of COINSTACK Stamping, a timestamp solution.
Launch of COINSTACK 3.0, the first blockchain platform in South Korea with a GS Certification.



Establishment of Blockchain specialized research center.
Enabled the first commercialization of blockchain-based electronic voting authentication and distributed file system in South Korea.



Listed as one of the Representative Vendors in the report ‘Market Guide for Blockchain Platforms’ published by Gartner.
Launch of COINSTACK SignOn, a blockchain-based integrated authentication solution.
Completed the largest number of commercialization projects in the world.



Formed a technical/strategic alliance with AERGO Foundation.
Launch of AERGO Enterprise.
Development of various blockchain-based applications.

Introduction to

AERGO is an enterprise blockchain protocol equipped with a wide range of features, openness and user convenience.

BLOCKO has strived for enabling various industries to adopt blockchain. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we refused to limit our business to private blockchain and hence developed AERGO and launched mainnet to enable the use of hybrid blockchain and public blockchain. AERGO aims to create a blockchain ecosystem where all members can benefit from enterprise-level security and performance.