BLOCKO & Onmydev Join Hands to Supply Cloud Blockchain

Expert blockchain technology company BLOCKO (CEO Won-beom Kim), has announced that it has signed an agreement with cloud automation startup Onmydev (CEO Hunyoung Park) to supply a blockchain platform on the cloud.

The aim of this collaboration is to make the enterprise blockchain platform AERGO Enterprise the optimal platform on the cloud.

The AERGO Enterprise enables businesses and public institutions that desire to provide blockchain-based services to easily build a blockchain network environment. Operation is convenient because of mutual compatibility between new technologies and old legacy systems.

Onmydev helps clients seeking cloud-based solutions to achieve digital transformation. The automation startup company helps developers in multiples DevOps environments make the right choices and improve efficiency of development by offering infrastructure recommendations and analyses as well as simplified operations.

BLOCKO CEO Won-beom Kim announced, “As a BaaS supplier of blockchain technology, we have noticed that our clients have struggled with directly operating and managing the blockchain. Rather than stopping at supplying blockchain technology, Blocko is currently working towards providing management service optimized to meet our clients’ needs, from adoption of the blockchain to its operation.”

Onmydev CEO Hunyoung Park said, “Onmydev helps businesses migrate their assets and technologies to a cloud-native architecture through cloud automation. This method will not only help MSP or legacy solution suppliers but also be of great help to clients desiring microservice development”.

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