04 | 2019 BLOCKO Blockchain Summary

Interests and expectations towards blockchain, triggered by the craze for Bitcoin in 2017, subsided as the cryptocurrency bubble finally burst. However, those who believed in the technological potentials have strived to develop blockchain and related technologies. Recently, with such efforts yielding tangible results, blockchain has emerged as a technology with high feasibility.

In particular, as Samsung, Facebook, and even KT announced to establish blockchain platforms and services, and national governments and regulatory institutions began to develop related guidelines for blockchain, blockchain technology will likely face a turning point once again. Some view that because companies of all sizes and sectors started to pay attention to building blockchain-based services, we became one step closer to popularization, with the enterprise market in its center.

In concluding this year, BLOCKO presents this report with a purpose to reflect on the issues that we experienced in the industry as a blockchain technology company and to prepare ourselves for the upcoming year 2020.

Main Contents

The current state of blockchain
– Blockchain trends in 2019 through media search
– Major news coverages in blockchain sector by each quarter of 2019
Important blockchain keywords selected by industry experts
– Blockchain UX/UI Technologies
– Hybrid Blockchain
– DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
– BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)
– Regulation
– DID (Decentralized Identifiers)
– Scalability
BLOCKO in 2019 – Insights
– Over the Blockchain

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