Introduction to

This is a timestamping service on the web that easily verifies authentication using blockchain.

Based on AERGO Mainnet, it issues timestamps for all digital content to prevent source verification and data forgery. Users can save digital content hash values of different file types, including general files, text and image files, and electronic documents, in the blockchain. Subsequently, they can search for and view the information values of the source.

AERGO TSA usage process

Configuring the AERGO TSA agent → Repository path settings → Upload the path file → Record file hash and timestamp information on blockchain → Integrated management of file history and stamping details

Use of Data Timestamping

1. Digital Copyright

Proof and management of digital content, which is an intellectual property right

2. Enterprise Business

Protection of original data with real-time timestamping instead of recovering lost data in the enterprise

3. Research and Project Data

Minimization of the likelihood of forgery through batch timestamping function for mass data

4. Development Code Audit and Proof

Prove that the code has not been modified by registering it with AERGO TSA

5. Healthcare Industry

Timestamping is applied to each patient’s medical record and stored in a blockchain for safe management

6. Financial Data

Use blockchain to verify financial data where consistency between linked information is paramount