BLOCKO is a technical partner with Samsung Blockchain Wallet for DApp listing

BLOCKO and Samsung Blockchain Wallet

BLOCKO has been selected by Samsung to source compelling DApps for the Samsung Blockchain Wallet and to help the DApp builders with technical and logistics support to list on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.  BLOCKO is a leader in the enterprise blockchain space and a trusted partner of many large corporations. BLOCKO is the first blockchain company to achieve GS (Good Software) certification for its own developed blockchain platform. BLOCKO will strive to source the best, most compelling DApps for the best user experience.

Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Samsung Blockchain Wallet is a virtual wallet for crypto-currency that allows smartphone users manufactured by Samsung to easily and safely manage their crypto-currency. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Samsung Knox’s powerful security technologies help secure the management of the crypto. In a digital environment using blockchain, users of Samsung Blockchain Wallet can use DApp to provide various experiences through various blockchain-based content such as finance, games, and productivity.

Benefits of Samsung Blockchain Wallet listing

  • The Samsung Blockchain Keystore is secured through the Trusted UI (TUI). Only the user can access the secure space and store the private key. With strong security provided by Samsung Knox and TEE, assets are kept safe from major security risks associated with crypto-currency.
  • Samsung is well known as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and currently, there are more than 14 countries that can use the blockchain technology with Samsung smartphones. It provides great opportunity for DApp developers to distribute their DApps globally through Samsung Galaxy Store App & service.
  • Samsung Blockchain Wallet provides users with DApps in various fields such as FinTech, social media, health care and etc. safely and conveniently.
  • Samsung Blockchain Wallet provides users with improved accessibility by including content that shows all of the listed DApps in one sight.


  • Supports DApp discovery, technical consulting and logistics management for listing
  • Provides Samsung Blockchain Wallet DApp Guideline
  • Provides Faster and Convenient Samsung Blockchain Wallet listing for your DApp
  • Provides technical support for you to save time and cost with Samsung SDK
  • Provides consulting to help convert app to DApp
  • Additional promotion channels are supported through the BLOCKO website and SNS

Qualification for Listing

  • Only Ethereum and Tron based DApps are supported
  • DApp should be able to link with Samsung Blockchain Wallet
  • Unethical services such as gambling and large investments (DApp) are excluded from the listings
  • Only DApps that use coins listed on Samsung Blockchain Wallet can be listed
  • Ethereum and Tron are the mainnet that are currently integrated with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet
  • Samsung Blockchain Wallet Listing is also possible for DApp service, which allows transactions without tokens

DApp Category

Listing Process

1. DApp  developer company

2. BLOCKO consulting (Deciding whether SDK can be used)

3. Subscribe to Samsung Galaxy Store

4. Download and develop SDKs

5. Request API Key after development completed

6. Upload DApp to Samsung Galaxy Store

7. Request listing through Samsung Developer Portal

8. Samsung Blockchain Team for 2nd Verification

9. Proceed with DApp listing and additional support

10. Samsung Blockchain Wallet Listing Completed