Introduction to

Pikkle is a blockchain-based voting service developed by blockchain specialized MSP enterprise BLOCKO.
1. Trustworthy, large-scale, global voting

Pikkle was used for viewer voting for the 48th Annual Korea Broadcasting Awards. Pikkle was also used by drama lovers all over the world, from Asia to South America, to vote for the global Seoul Drama Awards.

A total of 190,000 votes for the KBA Awards and 620,000 votes for the Seoul Drama Awards were cast in real time by fans all over the world for candidates from Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Pikkle is a trustworthy voting service that can accommodate large-scale voting on a global level.

2. Blockchain & Voting

Pikkle stores all voting information on the public blockchain AERGO. During this process, all personally identifiable information is deleted and all remaining information encrypted so voters can confidently trust that their choices have been accurately recorded (Cast-as-Intended) and reflected (Counted-as-cast) while being fully protected against third party access.

Pikkle has successfully achieved data integrity verification for 8.1 million activities (votes) in over 30 countries around the world through real blockchain application.

BLOCKO is a blockchain specialized MSP (Managed Service Provider) that utilize the optimal blockchain for all online services and design new blockchain-based processes.