06 | Data to Rewriting the ‘Production’-Centric Economic Indicators

It will not be long before the epoch when we can assess the competitiveness of a nation or enterprise by how much data are shared and how much value is thereby created. Within enterprises, within industries, within countries, it makes data that had been sealed flow in various directions. On that basis, it creates new value. It is expected that these kinds of activities will come together to break out of the ‘production’-centric economic system and develop into a ‘data’-centric economic system.

One or two data-related regulations are also being maintained. This is a time period in which rather than governments, institutions, and enterprises all fretting over the introduction of Blockchain-based services/solutions limited to particular industries or to a particular function, they must fret over how they will put these to use to make ecosystems and move forward.

Main Contents

– There are Taxes where There are Income Data
– From the Transfer of Goods and Capital to the Flow of Data
– The Three Data Laws. Will They Tear Down the Data Barrier (Silo)?
– Distributed Identity Verification: The Beginning of the Data-Based Business Model
– Moving Past Disruptive Innovation to Disruptive Cooperation

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