Blockchain based Time Stamping Authority (TSA) DTT Alliance and crypto disclosure platform Xangle launch mirroring service ‘DTT-Xangle’
  • DTT Alliance, formed last November to create a decentralized TSA ecosystem, have signed their first live production customer.
  • Xangle will be mirroring their disclosures on the blockchain to solve the issue of data trustworthiness.

‘DTT Alliance’, a consortium Blockchain-based TSA (Time Stamping Authority) and data verification companies alliance, is launching ‘DTT-Xangle’, a service enabling the mirroring of Xangle’s disclosure records in real time on the blockchain.

DTT-Xangle will save all the original hash values of all the disclosure records on Xangle, Korea’s first ever crypto asset disclosure information portal,  to DTT Alliance’s consortium blockchain, thus guaranteeing data consistency. DTT-Xangle’s disclosures will also regularly be anchored on Aergo’s public blockchain, ensuring that the information cannot be modified.

Crypto asset information portal Xangle offers information on more than 2,200 projects and over 9,500 disclosure records, but as it is a private company, there have been reservations about its data consistency. Until now, Xangle has archived records of project dislcosures published on its own platform. Once archived, records could not be deleted or modified and any changes have been published as ‘corrective dislosures’. Xangle’s new mirroring service will more effectively ensure data permanence. Anyone can download original disclosures from DTT-Xangle and the hash value of the file can be saved, and verified via, DTT Alliance’s consortium blockchain. The aim is to solve the problem of doubt over the trustworthiness of data saved in the form of internal DB or private blockchains while also overcoming the limitations of public blockchains which can be slow, costly and impossible to control.

Blocko CEO Kim Won-Beom said, “The true value of DTT-Xangle is that it verifies timestamps through decentralized measures rather than relying on a centralized authority.  DTT Alliance will provide a way to verify and authenticate all data, beginning with electronic documents. Blocko’s vision is to ensure that anyone anywhere can produce, exchange and verify trustworthy data. DTT-Xangle is the small but meaningful first step towards accomplishing this vision.”

The DTT Alliance (Decentralized Trusted Timestamping Alliance), formed in November last year, is an alliance of Blockchain-based TSA (Time Stamping Authority) and data verification companies, consisting of the following 15 participants: blockchain specialized technology company Blocko, CJ Olive Networks, Daebo Communication & Systems, Lotte Data Communication, Bespin Global, Busan International Film Festival, Aergo, eXsoft, Initech, Xangle, Chain Partners, Topedo, Fujitsu Korea and Hyundai AutoEver.

As the only domestic and foreign virtual asset disclosure information portal, Xangle aims to integrate and standardize information so that it can be viewed more transparently when the value of digital assets is transacted across borders and languages.

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