‘National Treasure NFT’ – Kansong Art Museum to Develop Artwork NFTs
Blocko XYZ to provide NFT technology for Kansong Art Museum & Art Center Nabi’s Joint Venture ‘Heritage Art’

Artworks stored in the Kansong Art Museum will be transformed into NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

On July 22nd, Blocko XYZ announced that it will be providing NFT technology support for Heritage Art’s digital project. Blocko XYZ, blockchain specialist company BLOCKO’s DApp (decentralized application) studio, currently provides a platform for the issuance of NFTs on its digital content business card service CCCV.

Heritage Art is a joint venture by the Kansong Art Museum and Art Center Nabi. It was established for the development of cultural heritage digital contents based on the artworks and cultural assets of the Kansong Art Museum and the digital art of Art Center Nabi.

By providing NFT technology support, Blocko XYZ will create digitized content on the artworks and cultural assets in the Kansong Art Museum. The Kansong Art Museum currently possesses thousands of cultural assets, including 12 national treasures, 28 physical treasures, 2 nationally registered cultural assets, and 4 designated cultural heritage assets of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Blocko XYZ is also pushing forward with expanding the NFT exchange market by connecting its own blockchain platform AERGO to the Ethereum blockchain.

A Blocko XYZ official said, “Following on from our collaboration with the Korean public broadcaster MBC, we are delighted to announce our NFT collaboration with the nation’s most prestigious art museum.”

He added that, “It will be difficult to sustain the NFT market as long as NFTs are circulated without respect for copyright. We hope that responsible users will participate actively in the NFT market through a copyright verification process.”

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