About XaaS

As a Service is about providing customers with efficiency, convenience, and a flexible and scalable architecture by eliminating or simplifying the complex processes in buying and using software.

Cloud platforms have successfully made IaaS(Infra as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service) and SaaS(Software as a service) settle into the IT market, and many software began to take the form of service. So the era of XaaS(Anything as a Service) has begun. When service operators use this structure efficiently, startup level companies can now freely develop and operate large-scale services, which is something that one could not imagine in the past. In fact, it is said that at Instagram, fewer than 10 employees ran 1 billion services without disruption, and at Daum Kakao, it is said that a small-sized team runs thousands of servers and tens of thousands of containers.

Introduction on AERGO BaaS(Blockchain as a Service)

Ever since our company’s establishment, BLOCKO has always believed that blockchain should also be provided as a service. BLOCKO has made continuous efforts to create user-friendly tools, and while we were doing our enterprise business, we realized the demand for deployment and management tools that utilize clouds. This is how we took on the development of AERGO BaaS.
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AERGO BaaS is AERGO’s cloud exclusive tool and is designed to make it easy to deploy, manage, set up, and use AERGO Blockchains as containers on cloud and local servers. Since it supports multiple types of clouds, it is also possible to operate blockchains on different clouds. In fact, AERGO BaaS is the world’s first multi-cloud based blockchain deployment system.

Using AERGO BaaS

Based on AERGO BaaS version 1.0, let me briefly introduce its main functions which are blockchain deployment and dApp deployment.

AERGO BaaS consists of two layers. The first layer is the infrastructure layer, which refers to clouds or local resources. AERGO BaaS provides intuitive graphical dashboards that help users, even if they do not have prior knowledge of difficult and complex concepts such as cloud and blockchain, to understand infrastructure situations easily.

Local resources can be registered by using, for example, IP information and cloud resources can be registered by entering the certificate of the cloud account. The registered infrastructure is utilized as a resource for deploying blockchain containers and dApp containers in the container layer, which is the second layer.

Blockchain deployment

Blockchain deployment at AERGO BaaS is designed to reduce the number of clicks required for users as much as possible to maximize usability. Users can configure a blockchain by selecting the infrastructure resource information for deploying AERGO Blockchain and the number of blockchain containers to deploy, and then by simply entering the initial information of the blockchain to be created. For infrastructure, users can use an existing machine or create a new machine on the cloud.

Users can check the blockchain through a graphical dashboard, which is designed to help users to confirm the blockchain status easily.

AERGO BaaS provides dApp deployment function that works with AERGO Blockchain. As with blockchain deployment, users can deploy dApp by selecting the infrastructure on which to install the dApp, placing it by drag-and-drop on the infrastructure to which to deploy the container, and finally selecting the information of the AERGO Blockchain that the user wants to connect to.

Operators of AERGO Blockchain’s dApp service can easily deploy, operate, and manage self-developed dApp by using AERGO BaaS. Such a function is crucial in the enterprise market because the ultimate reason why BLOCKO’s customers purchase the AERGO Blockchain platform is to develop and operate dApp by utilizing the platform.

The screenshot presented below shows how AERGO Scan, the front page of the AERGO Blockchain platform, is deployed to an anonymous server using AERGO BaaS.

The container of the installed AERGO Scan can also be viewed intuitively using the graphical dashboard.

Shown below is the AERGO Scan deployment result by using AERGO BaaS.


As a developer of AERGO BaaS, my goal is to make AERGO BaaS enable deployment of every AERGO related solutions and dApps that BLOCKO has developed.

I hope AERGO BaaS makes it easy for the BLOCKO business team to run the business. Also, I hope the BLOCKO sales team becomes able to run demo to customers with an instantly deployed demo system using AERGO BaaS. Last but not least, I hope that it becomes easy for BLOCKO’s enterprise customers to service their own dApps without having to concern with AERGO’s complicated and difficult technologies.


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