AERGO is installed on the Samsung Blockchain Keystore

AERGO is officially installed on the Samsung Blockchain Keystore!

In cooperation with Samsung, AERGO has laid a strong foundation for dApps and services.
AERGO will actively contribute to the open multi-party blockchain ecosystem that Samsung aims to achieve.

The first step begins with the upcoming Samsung Developer Conference (SDC19) held in San Jose, California from October 29th to 30th. The AERGO team will demonstrate two development at SDC with the Gotchu team.

A Blockchain-based IoT Solution for a hyper-connected society.
AERGOLite is an embedded blockchain solution that provides interoperability with SQLite, a database engine with more than 1 trillion instances. AERGOLite provides innovation to various sectors of industries including smart grids, connected mobility, and smart factories.

Gotchu is a Blockchain-based Crowdfunding Platform that connects content Creators with their Fans.
Gotchu provides a ‘Super Chat as a Service’ which connects fans and creators and this is where content creators can extend their target audiences and ecosystems that support them based on the value of their content. Gotchu endorses micro-influencers to go beyond the overly saturated video platforms and into the growing trend of blockchain based platforms.

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