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Financial Securities

In discussing innovation in the financial sector, the first thing that comes to customers’ minds is blockchain. Many believe that blockchain is going to change the IT infrastructure and service of the financial industry. In fact, global financial companies are already initiating projects to adopt blockchain and are devising ways of utilizing blockchain in terms of data security. As a consequence of various data-related security incidents, the financial sector which handles the most sensitive information of its customers has equipped itself with such a wide variety of security layers that it cannot be compared with those of other industries. Therefore, it is the sector that has the largest potential to utilize blockchain but also which has the most conservative sentiments. In order to introduce blockchain to the financial sector, a high level of security and convenience must be offered at the same time. BLOCKO has undergone projects that were concentrated on simple authentication, document security(data security) and easy payments. After the emergence of blockchain, there have been many attempts to adopt technology in the domestic financial sector.