AERGO signs agreement with BLOCKO for DeFi DApp incubation and technical support for mobile device-based blockchain wallets

AERGO signed an agreement with BLOCKO to provide technical support for all Dapps to integrate with mobile device-based blockchain wallets. AERGO will also support DApps that are already released, along with existing applications/services which would convert into DApps. With a strong focus on DeFi.

AERGO recently signed a contract with BLOCKO to expand the mobile device-based blockchain wallet ecosystem. In order to discover and incubate diverse applications and services, AERGO will support ▲Mainnet implementation and public blockchain integration ▲Business model development ▲Core blockchain technology, including development and monitoring tools – in particular, through the ‘AERGO-based Merkle Bridge technology’. The technology links multiple public blockchains, including Ethereum, and allows access to various services that support specific public blockchains. Together with BLOCKO, the partnership will offer access for developers to integrate their DApps with various mobile device-based wallets.

AERGO and BLOCKO are offering various services such as authentication, e-contracts, and transactions based on the AERGO protocol. As announced on 16th June, Korea Technology Finance Corporation’s ‘Electronic Agreement and Web Service Integration Platform’ was built on top of the AERGO protocol.

The aim of the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO) is to facilitate technology financing to innovative SMEs and contribute to the growth of the Korean national economy. The AERGO Time Stamping Authority (TSA) will be used to process 120 different types of documents out of 50,000 documents annually. AERGO’s TSA is a point-in-time solution which has a RFC3161 Standard Timestamp token structure and protocol compliance. Starting with the KIBO, AERGO and BLOCKO will soon expand its services over various industries.

DeFi Focus

The DApp accelerator will focus primarily on DeFi applications for the following two reasons. The first is that the Korean market currently has a rapidly growing interest in DeFi applications and user adoption. One barrier to this adoption is that many of the current DeFi applications are priced in US Dollars (USD). Through AERGO and BLOCKO’s acceleration efforts this will help bring a wide range of DeFi products to the Korean market priced in the more familiar Korean Won (KRW). The second is helping bridge suitable DeFi DApps to the ‘Samsung Blockchain Service’ ecosystem. Both of these endeavours help foster the adoption of blockchain in both Korea and internationally.

BLOCKO to Provide DApp Sourcing and Technical Support for Samsung Blockchain Wallet