Introduction to

This is an electronic contract and payment service platform that integrates the reliability, contactless and paperless technology of the blockchain.

BLOCKO, the creator of INSTSIGN, developed H Motor’s official electronic archives and electronic document management system for the entire group a few years ago. While developing the system, we realized that going paperless was a way to reduce physical time and resources. BLOCKO is a blockchain technology company. Our focus is always on transparency and reliability, which is why we thought of how we could connect going paperless to the blockchain. We have materialized that idea, creating the INSTSIGN service.

1. Virtual + Convenient

We are living in an era where we can get tomorrow’s breakfast delivered to our doorstep with just a few taps before going to bed. We no longer have to buy tomorrow’s breakfast on our way home from work or spend physical time and money on buying and paying for it. BLOCKO wanted to create a thinking document that could be accepted by anyone. To do that, we need to transparency and reliability. That little first step starts with electronic contracts and INSTSIGN. If we can easily sign countless contracts, we will enjoy a more convenient world.

2. Not just delivery, but with smartness

Existing electronic contract services are simply image-based signature tools. INSTSIGN converts the details of the contract to data and analyzes it. Beyond recognizing users’ documents as images, it reads and thinks for users. INSTSIGN will also point out important points and contents for users.

3. Technical and executive abilities

Blockchain technology company BLOCKO resolves the problem of information asymmetry through transparency and trust. Based on previous contracts and similar contracts from the same industry, an analysis/judgement is made on the ▲anticipated disputes, ▲amendment of relevant legal provisions and ▲unreasonable provisions. Along with law firm JEESUK, we will not only carry out a legal examination of the contract contents, but also apply the Ricardian contract to INSTSIGN. This will make it easy to apply not only in the area of virtual contracts, but also to future blockchain-based business models. By converting the contract into a smart contract using INSTSIGN, you can add legal validity that a smart contract alone could not have achieved.