Create frictionless secure applications with Blockchain. Coinstack is the first and only Blockchain Solution (in Korea) helping you Construct the right infrastructure for a blockchain in easier and more efficient way.
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dApp Layer

Generate and query blocks and transactions, verifying and recording data for smart con-tract

Coinstack Service Layer

Verify generated block and transactions and perform consensus algorithm

Blockchain Ledger Data

Immutably store data on distributed ledgerand business logic code to ensure seamless smart contract

High Compatibility with existing legacy system

Coinstack is designed to be plugged into already built enterprise infrastructure.

2-Month-Deployment Period

Coinstack provides ready-made enterprise-use APIs and SDKs, requiring little or no cumbersome burden for a short period.

Easy-to-use Development Management Tool

Coinstack offers user-friendly development, management and monitoring tools via ordi-nary groupware, web and app.

You can easily download COINSTACK from Microsoft Azure.
Blocko’s Coinstack is the first and only Blockchain Solution in Korea that provides a core platform with which enterprises and individuals can quickly and easily establish a blockchain infrastructure