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AERGO Enterprise

AERGO Enterprise is a blockchain platform that is optimally designed for enterprise use.

The most crucial factor that an enterprise should consider in introducing blockchain is the continuity of its businesses. The blockchain platform for enterprise use must be capable of fulfilling the requirements that are needed to be met in order for the actual business and service to be performed. AERGO Enterprise provides the blockchain platform that is optimally designed for enterprise use. Much more than a basic framework, the blockchain platform provided by AERGO Enterprise proposes a system that takes both business continuity and scalability and into consideration and provides a stable operating environment.

1. Optimization of fast data processing

– Consensus algorithm that fits the network environment
– Ensured stability and completeness of transactions

2. System design convenience for constructing an efficient infrastructure

– Supports a variety of development forms
– Provision of integrated SDK and IDE
– SQL based Smart Contract development and data management

3. Security and stability at the level of enterprise compliance requirements

– Set-up of node and transaction
– Data encryption for privacy protection

4. Enterprise-level systemic operations / management tools

– Web-based independent, integrative management GUI Tool
– Enhanced Admin functionality for Install / Config / Operation control

5. Expandable business model

– Anchoring that can be linked to a public blockchain
– Provision of various domain applications for general purposes
– Designing a token economy for enterprises with Merkle Bridge

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AERGO Enterprise


Blockchain Node
Development Tool

– Wallet






Admin (Install / Settings)